‘Big Brother’ star recap: [Spoiler] Expelled in Season 22, Week 10


For the second week in a row, Christmas Abbott has a huge lump of coal in it Big Brother Bas All-Stars.

After sitting on the block next to No.1 ally Tyler last week, Noel was then nominated against New Memphis, Ally No.1, this time around, despite his best efforts to bring family head Nicole to the backdoor Cody. (Noel doesn’t know, Nicole seems ready to lose that $ 500,000 to Cody if that’s the last thing she does as Big Brother houseguest.)

But despite Nicole’s insistence that Christmas should stay and Memphis should leave this week, Cody and Enzo – the only two invited to vote to evict – seemed quite tempted to send Christmas to the jury house in the square. What decision did The Root finally make on Thursday? Keep reading for episode highlights:

THE STRATEGY | Christmas and Memphis’s potential outings from the house are so appealing to Cody and Enzo that at one point, Enzo suggests “it doesn’t matter” who they’re sending to the jury this time around. (“Yes, that’s right!” Cody retorts.) Memphis reveals to Cody that Christmas tried to get him through a backdoor… but Cody also secretly knows that Memphis also attempted to participate in Operation Backdoor Cody, so none of this information makes much difference to him.

But after much debate about who to kick out, Enzo has an intriguing idea: why not split the vote and force Nicole to break a tie, thus getting the blood from the Memphis kick off on her hands instead of theirs? “It could very interesting, ”Cody said in the journal room, teasing us that something might actually be interesting this season.

Meanwhile, at the jury house, Tyler joins the rest of the group and reveals how his BB The game ended in Cody’s hands. He also has a chance to clarify the situation with Da’Vonne regarding his ultimately canceled offer to get kicked out and protect Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. Through tears, Tyler explains that his support for the Black Lives Matter movement has always been legitimate and never strategic, and Da’Vonne forgives him for the way things have turned out. But then the jurors get some cute video messages from their loved ones back home, and now we’re all sobbing.

L’EVICTION | Despite Enzo’s idea of ​​dividing the vote, things do not get very interesting, after all: Cody and Enzo both vote to kick Memphis out, and while he doesn’t seem very surprised to hear the news, he always warns his housemates when he leaves the house: “Good luck. . You will need it. (He also says something that gets beeped by CBS, leaving us curious forever.)

In his interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Memphis admits to having been “definitely” blinded by his expulsion, although he seems to understand that he was seen as a big threat in competitions. That said, when Julie asks if Cody and Enzo made the right decision to start it up, he reveals, “I think I would have taken them both to the Final Three, so, no. Cody, at least, did his best to smooth things over with Memphis in his farewell message, revealing that he had worked with Enzo from the start and knew that Memphis had formed two versions of the Wise Guys alliance.

THE HOH COMPETITION | As you might expect when two-thirds of the episode was before the eviction, the Head of Households contest isn’t going live this week – but we have a little teaser in the form of of Kaysar, who tells the guests. via a video message stating that they will be playing a competition he mastered in Season 6. His name is Knight Moves, which, if I remember correctly, asks players to become human chess pieces and move in an L shape across the board like a knight would. Players are eliminated when they can no longer perform movements, until one person remains standing.

The All-Stars won’t play that game until later Thursday night, but they seem completely baffled by Kaysar’s teaser in the meantime. “How do we play this Game? Enzo asks. ” Chevalier Moves? (I’m not convinced Enzo will win this particular HOH.)

OK, your turn! What do you think of the eviction from Memphis? And with less than two weeks into the season, which All-Star do you want to see win the whole thing? Tell us below!


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