Berkshire coronavirus: the area that could be moved to level two lockdown


Windsor and Maidenhead could be plunged into the second highest level of coronavirus risk, meaning the 150,000 people in the area could be banned from meeting friends and family inside. The affluent arrondissement is currently grouped into the “medium” alert level alongside most of the countries subject to current national restrictions.

Still, he could be upgraded to the medium “high” alert level within days if his current infection rate were to continue to rise and get out of control.

The most recent data shows Windsor and Maidenhead have an infection rate of 104.3 per 100,000 people, with cases dropping from 95 to 158 in the seven days leading up to October 9.

The worrying trend has already led Tory Borough Leader Andrew Johnson to target his own voters who are “bending the rules” – some parents taking their children to school even though they have tested positive for the virus – and said time “they” realize they are the problem “.

“It is really important that the residents of the borough take action because the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing rapidly,” he said.

“Over the past two weeks, the number of weekly moving average cases has more than tripled and if behavior does not change we will need tighter restrictions to get the numbers back under control.

“What is clear is that a significant number of people behave responsibly and play by the rules – thank you – but a large number are not. We understand that people don’t isolate themselves even when they have symptoms and that parents send their children to school even after they test positive.

“The problem is driven by people who should be better informed, people who think the rules don’t apply to them, people who think everyone is the problem and people who think their routine or their needs are more important than everyone’s security and livelihoods. . ”

What will it mean if the borough is placed at level two?

Currently, like most of the country, the borough is subject to national restrictions, which means it wears face masks in some public places and can only meet other people in groups of six people or less, indoors and outdoors, with a 10pm curfew in place for reception areas. like pubs and restaurants.

Yet if the area were to climb the alert scale, more restrictions would be placed on the 150,000 residents of Windsor and Maidenhead, including:

  • People will not be able to meet anyone outside their home or support the bubble in an indoor environment, whether at home or in a public place
  • People will not be able to gather in groups of more than six outdoors, including in a garden or other space
  • People will be asked to reduce the number of trips they take where possible and, when they need to travel, walk or cycle where possible, or plan ahead and avoid busy times and routes on public transport.

Mirror Online analysis found the borough to be one of 35 locations currently rated as ‘medium’ risk under the new three-tier alert system with rates of over 100 cases per 100,000 cases during the seven days until October 9.

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“Medium risk” areas with infection rates greater than 100 per 100,000 inhabitants

Exeter 345,5 (454), 280,8 (369)
Barrow-in-Furness 277,4 (186), 165,6 (111)
York 219,8 (463), 162,4 (342)
Charnwood 177,6 (330), 95,8 (178)
North East Derbyshire 163.6 (166), 95.6 (97)
Harrogate 147,4 (237), 107,6 (173)
Erewash 145,6 (168), 86,7 (100)
Rutland 142,8 (57), 52,6 (21)
Newcastle-under-Lyme 140,6 (182), 97,3 (126)
South Lakeland 139,9 (147), 93,3 (98)
Oxford 135,8 (207), 102,3 (156)
Coventry 135,7 (504), 96,4 (358)
Blaby 133,0 (135), 82,7 (84)
Craven 131,3 (75), 164,5 (94)
Lincolnshire du Nord 127.7 (220), 80.7 (139)
Chesterfield 125,8 (132), 62,0 (65)
Windsor et Maidenhead 104,3 (158), 62,7 (95)
South Staffordshire 120,1 (135), 83,6 (94)
Elmbridge 119,9 (164), 80,4 (110)
Ealing 118,8 (406), 82,2 (281)
North East Lincolnshire 118.4 (189), 61.4 (98)
Stafford 118,0 (162), 104,2 (143)
Richmond on the Thames 117.7 (233), 96.0 (190)
Bromsgrove 116,1 (116) et 91,1 (91)
North West Leicestershire 113,9 (118), 45,4 (47)
South Kesteven 113,0 (161), 56,2 (80)
East Riding of Yorkshire 111,1 (379), 95,0 (324)
Harborough 110,9 (104), 67,2 (63)
Hackney and City of London 109.3 (318), 96.3 (280)
Selby 109,2 (99), 87,2 (79)
Hambleton 109,2 (100), 100,4 (92)
Trois-Rivières 107.2 (100), 55.7 (52)
Redbridge 106,8 (326), 99,3 (303)
Bournemouth, Christchurch et Poole 104,2 (412), 50,6 (200)
Derby 100,3 (258), 75,4 (194)


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