Ben Shephard returns to Good Morning Britain as he shares big news from Tipping Point


Ben Shephard finally made his return to Good Morning Britain on Thursday.The TV favorite pulled out of GMB in August, as he began filming his new game show Tipping Point.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, he was unable to film the two and therefore took a GMB hiatus for the past two months.

Now Ben is back with some big news on his popular daytime quiz.

He revealed that filming for the current series is now over, the episodes are ready to go – although a date has not been confirmed.

Ben Shephard was welcomed back to GMB by co-hosts Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway

Ben also teased a spin-off special series that may be on the way, seeing old contestants return.

Whether it was the celebrity version or the normal series, he did not specify.

The admission came as Kate Garraway was emptied of not having had a Ben Shephard Tipping Point onesie, after her own appearance on the show.

Ben is shooting a new Tipping Point series

As GMB kicked off Thursday, Susanna Reid told him, “Welcome back to the program. ”

Ben replied, “It’s nice to be back. ”

Susanna then revealed, “This is a conclusion on Tipping Point…”

Ben teased a new Tipping Point spinoff

Ben then confirmed it by saying, “Round 11 ended yesterday, I posted a pic of the four adorable contestants we had. ”

He added that he had not been told a date when the episodes would air, but was also filming new celebrity episodes.

He later added: “I think we have a series of returning candidates, so you will all be invited at some point. ”

Kate soon learned that you had to earn a machine onesie, so she couldn’t wait to do it again.

Ben also reacted to his sort of cameo on Coronation Street this week, as the character Mary Taylor continued to use her blanket covered in photos of her face.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV.


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