Battlestar Gallactica star Nicki Clyne defends NXIVM sex cult


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He was convicted of several counts in 2019, including sex trafficking. He will be sentenced on October 27 and faces life imprisonment.

Clyne confessed to being part of the inner circle of sex slaves, known as DOS, but defended the group’s actions, which included branding sex slaves with the initials of Mack and Raniere.

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“We’re not denying that some things have happened,” Clyne said at the morning gabfest.

“There is evidence that some things have happened. How they happened, why they happened and why some people chose them – that’s a whole different conversation.

In HBO’s new documentary series on NXIVM, “The Vow,” Canadian-born Clyne appears in some scenes.

Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman, left, and two of her co-defendants in the sex trafficking lawsuits, NXIVM founder Keith Raniere (top right) and Allison Mack (bottom right). (AP Photo / Mary Altaffer / / AP Photo / Seth Wenig)

Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and conspiracy, including extortion and forced labor. She admitted that she ordered the women in the group to “do me a favor.”

The former starlet also said that DOS was “designed to make them believe that they might suffer serious harm” if they refused to do what they were asked to do. The sect held nude photos and deeply personal confessions over the heads of women.

Mack is also awaiting conviction. She and Clyne haven’t spoken for a year.

“Part of the conditions of her bail is that she cannot speak to anyone who is affiliated in any way with the case or with NXIVM,” Clyne said. “It has been the most difficult and humbling experience of my life.”

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