Armenia hails new weapon at war with Azerbaijan: Kim Kardashian


Another expat who has taken action is IT project manager Haik Kazazian, 32, who returned from Montreal to Armenia two years ago. When the war broke out, he launched a fundraising appeal on Facebook to friends in the Canadian diaspora, expecting no more than CAN $ 500 (£ 300). He has already received CAN $ 20,000 (£ 11,750).“No one in Montreal sleeps at night, everyone is as worried as they can be,” Kazarian said, as he stood in a yard full of vegetables, toiletries ready to be sent to a van. families displaced by the fighting,

Like Mr. Sayadyan, Mr. Kazarian has no experience of military service, although he offered his services to his local army headquarters in Yerevan. However, with Armenia still full of combat veterans from the last war with Azerbaijan in the 1990s, and also running a national service program, he felt it would not be necessary. .

“My feeling was that if things got to the point where I needed to enlist, then the war effort would go really badly,” he smiles. “Aid convoys are probably the best way for me to help. ”

Likewise, no one expects Ms. Kardashian to swap her scorching outfits for designer military fatigues and head for the front lines. But back in Gyumri, his support for the cause has certainly lifted the spirits of some of those trying to help.

“I would love his phone number,” joked Svoyan Sasun, 30, as he ran a downtown booth to collect food and clothes. “People criticize here, but when the nation is in its hour of need everyone loves it. “


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