Apple continues to include EarPods with iPhone 12 in France


In order to comply with local regulations, Apple must include a pair of wired EarPods with all iPhone 12 models sold in France.Following Apple’s decision, based on cost and the environment, to stop shipping AC adapters and wired headphones in the box of every iPhone, an exception has now been revealed. Customers in France who purchase any model of iPhone will continue to receive wired EarPods with Lightning connector, apparently due to local laws.

Apple did not comment, but it appears that the inclusion of EarPods is in line with a series of laws passed by the French National Assembly in 2015. It concerns in particular article L. 5232- 1-3, which concerns the protection of children.

“At the request of the buyer”, specifies the law, in translation, “for the sale of any mobile telephone device, the operator provides an accessory making it possible to limit the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions suitable for children under the age of fourteen. ”

Most iPhones are likely sold or used by people over the age of 14. However, to make sure that it is always in compliance with a law, a business can do more than is strictly necessary. This is the baker’s dozen principle, where to make sure no mistake can mean selling a package of just 11 buns, 13 are sold instead.

“What’s in the box” Top: France, Bottom: United States

Apple sells the iPhone more expensive in France than in the United States, due to currency fluctuations and import costs. Currently, for example, an iPhone 12 costs $ 948 (809 euros) instead of $ 699.

Apple France Continues To Supply EarPods Was First Spotted By MacRumeurs.


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