Antibody drugs appear to be effective. Can we do enough now?


The Covid-19 pandemic teaches a lesson, over and over again: the virus is growing faster than us.This difficult message was brought home on Wednesday evening with the news that a cocktail of antibodies developed by drugmaker Regeneron – the same cocktail used to treat President Trump – has reduced the need for infected patients to see the doctor. , virtually or in person, or to go to the hospital. by 57%.

These are encouraging results – and, if allowed, the cocktail could be an important tool in fending off the virus. But right now there are only 50,000 doses available, a paltry sum compared to the number of infections across the country.


“It is deeply regrettable that we are heading into the fall without sufficient doses of this drug,” said Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, tweeted after Regeneron released its news. “Many of us were talking about it as early as March. Regeneron did an amazing job securing its own manufacturing, but we needed a concerted industrial effort to get the supply we needed.


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