Angry Rudy Giuliani asks Fox TV interviewer for an apology | American News


Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York City mayor, threatened to come out of a tense Fox Business interview.Recently embarrassed by his appearance in a compromising scene in the new Borat movie, Giuliani was in a rush on where the stories were coming from on what is claimed to be Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery suggested that the stories emanating from the “found” laptop and reported by the New York Post were similar to the kind of general libel the famous Christopher Steele case made about Donald Trump.

This angered Giuliani, who said, “You better apologize for this! I was a lawyer, Deputy Attorney General, Mayor of New York, and a member of the United States Bar for 50 years. ”

Describing the suggestion as “scandalous slander” and accusing the host of “repeating false propaganda,” he then said angrily: “I think our interview is now over. I don’t talk to people who accuse me.

“Excuse you! “: Rudy Giuliani reacts angrily to interrogation in Fox interview fiasco – Video

Emails believed to have come from the laptop suggest that a Ukrainian business partner has contacted Hunter Biden to set up a meeting with his father, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The laptop and emails have not been independently verified and the New York Post has yet to produce evidence that Hunter Biden responded to the email or that a meeting has taken place .

During the interview, Giuliani argued that Fox and the New York Post were owned by Rupert Murdoch, mocking his interviewer by saying, “Do you think Rupert Murdoch would let them print false documents?”

“Heavens, no,” was the rather harsh answer.

Giuliani was also asked about his unintentional contribution to Sacha Baron Cohen’s film, in which it appeared the 76-year-old was ready to have sex with an actor playing Borat’s daughter.

Montgomery, who bears Kennedy’s name onscreen, said: “I have a 15 year old daughter, I watched this, I was a little squeamish about it. ”

Giuliani again claimed that by the time some people think he’s showing him touching his genitals, he was just tucking his shirt up while lying on a bed.

The interview didn’t go well with all of Fox’s viewers, with Kennedy tweet that this had led viewers to call her a “traitor”, “loser” and “literally a piece of shiii”.

Giuliani ended the segment by saying, “I didn’t like this conversation. I find this conversation totally insulting.


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