Android 11 bug prevents users from seeing important parts of the screen


Android 11 is over a month old and released on September 8, and there are already several user complaints about apps that are supposed to go full screen but can’t. And even when these apps are in full screen mode, the status bar and navigation bar don’t disappear as they should. For example, games and some apps like YouTube are supposed to fill the entire screen with content when full screen mode is on. But since the launch of Android 11, some Android users have discovered that these apps no longer fully fill their phone screens.

As a result, gamers, many of whom hold their devices in Landscape mode, find that certain elements of a game are cut off by the status bar or navigation bar making gaming impossible. While Android users shared this issue with Google and others on the Google issue tracking site when the beta versions of Android 11 were released, Google did nothing with the information because he would have been unable to reproduce the problem. But since the issue is starting to gain attention again, we’d be surprised if Google didn’t take another look at this bug. Especially since last month, Google admitted that the issue was a product functionality issue, not a developer functionality.

Some Android users who have encountered the issue say that by closing the apps and restarting them, they are able to fix the issue. If you are having this problem, you might want to give this solution a whirl. We can save you time and time by advising you that erasing your Android device will not fix the problem. Hopefully Google will release an update soon that will fix this bug.


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