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Shadow Moon while enjoying a cup of coffee somewhere in the town of Lakeside.

Shadow Moon while enjoying a cup of coffee somewhere in the town of Lakeside.
Image: Starz

Although the live-action adaptation of Starz has been met plus what a few bumps in the road during its first two seasons, the series is set to return for a third season that will take its hero Shadow Moon to the strange town of Lakeside. H At first he thinks he is safe, only to find that things in the picturesque place are not all they seem.

Despite the fact that American gods has been hemorrhaging among cast members at an alarming rate for some time now, executive producer and author of the original novel Neil Gaiman wrote an open letter to the show’s fandom expressing his sincere belief that by giving Shadow a chance to “get on with it” lose in normalcy ”and end up in season three, American gods going to give the audience something to mop about.

“And at the same time, in the third season, we wanted to focus on the characters and their journeys,” Gaiman wrote. “To show Shadow who is tracing a path guided by the gods of his ancestors, becoming more of himself while deciding who he is and which side he is on – that of humanity or that of the gods.”

Gaiman didn’t provide many concrete details on what to expect in season three, but he figured that American gods will come back once again to discovering what America, as a concept, means to different types of people, many of whom immigrated to the country by mystical or worldly means. This season’s story, Gaiman said, will be “timely” in a way that will surprise people.

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“We also knew we wanted to continue to anchor the show in American landscapes,” Gaiman said. “Explore what ‘America’ means to its people and talk about immigrants – very different people who came to this remarkable land and brought their gods with them. The new gods of the phone, apps and glitter demand our attention and love, and the old gods want to mean something again. ”

In truth, a lot of what Gaiman is saying here is more or less like what the show was trying to do at different times during seasons one and two, and it’s not really clear what this chapter is going to put into. part, side location. With so many American gods‘With more memorable deities removed from the show, it’s hard to imagine season three capturing that same early magic, but hey, o I’ve got to have faith if you like that sort of thing.

American gods returns to Starz on January 10, and will stream internationally on Amazon Prime from January 11.

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