American Airlines and United Airlines leave to reach tens of thousands of employees


CHICAGO – United Airlines and American Airlines will move forward with thousands of employees on leave as the CARES law expires. In a letter to employees on Wednesday, American Airlines announced it would begin the process of laying off 19,000 employees as the payroll support program expired on September 30.U.S. CEO Doug Parker said he had spoken personally with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who told him that a bipartisan COVID-19 relief plan that would prolong the PSP was possible in the coming years. days. “Continue to contact your elected officials to explain the importance of reaching an agreement,” Parker wrote.

United Airlines also said it will involuntarily lay off more than 13,000 employees as of Thursday.

The carrier had previously informed 36,000 employees that it was at risk of losing jobs, but was able to reduce that number to 16,000 through various voluntary buy-back and early retirement programs. The carrier has since said it has been able to further reduce the total number of leaves by working with union partners, introducing new voluntary options and providing creative solutions that would save jobs.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, United had just under 100,000 employees.

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