Amazon to come to Winnipeg


WINNIPEG – The provincial government and Amazon have announced a new delivery station in Manitoba. Amazon plans to open Winnipeg’s new station in Inkster Industrial Park just northeast of the airport.

The site is expected to open in 2021.

According to the province, the new delivery station “will receive and sort packages from other distribution centers and coordinate deliveries to homes and businesses in the Winnipeg area through local third-party service providers.”

Tushar Kumar, who is Amazon’s regional manager of last mile logistics operations for Amazon Canada, said the new plant will help create jobs in and around Winnipeg.

“The new delivery station will create hundreds of full and part time jobs in Winnipeg,” said Kumar.

Ralph Eichler, who is the Minister of Economic Development and Training, said it was great news for the city of Winnipeg and Manitoba.

“Our government has worked hard to foster a good business environment in which companies like Amazon want to grow and create jobs,” Eichler said.


When it comes to choosing Winnipeg as a new location, Kumar said there are a variety of factors that go into choosing a new location, such as the demand for services and the capacity of the workforce.

“Winnipeg is definitely one of those areas and that’s why we started,” Kumar said.

Amazon will open a store in a 113,000 square foot facility. Kumar said it will be a brand new building, but he said there is no exact timeline in 2021 yet for when it will open.

Kumar also said this new delivery station would specifically help residents of Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

“So the one we’re opening next year in Winnipeg will be looking specifically to deliver packages to our customers in and around the region,” Kumar said.

Eicher said the plant would benefit the province’s economy.

“When multinational companies like Amazon come to Winnipeg, (it) certainly gives us confidence in what we’re doing as a government,” Eichler said.


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