Amazon mansion Jeff Bezos in Beverly Hills gears up for protest march – Deadline


A march on the Beverly Hills mansion of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is scheduled today by activist groups, who hope to draw attention to the e-commerce giant’s business practices and working conditions.

The walk is scheduled before Amazon’s annual Prime Day, during which the website offers discounts and special sales. This year Prime Day will take place October 13-14.

Congress of Essential Workers, a group led by current and former Amazon warehouse workers, is leading the effort. The group will be joined by organizations representing climate and social issues, including Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion.

“Employees will not be treated fairly and will have mandatory overtime and no breaks for the next two months in December,” said Jordan Flowers, a former Amazon employee at the company’s warehouse in Staten. Island. Flowers was fired by the company as part of what some claim was a targeted effort to quell complaints about workers’ conditions.

Among the group’s demands, there is a new federal wealth tax to support urban communities, a minimum wage of $ 30 and a risk premium for the duration of the pandemic. Amazon’s current minimum wage is $ 15 plus benefits. He also claims the right to unionize Amazon without retaliation.

There is no indication that Bezos is at home in his Beverly Hills mansion.


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