Amarius Mims, 5, had made his decision at the university


COCHRAN, Georgia – Amarius Mims grew up as an Alabama fan. It was the school of his dreams.It was on the mind of an observer on Wednesday when he made his long-awaited college decision Wednesday afternoon at Bleckley County High School.

The 5-star thrilled a new team on the occasion of its 18th birthday during the Georgia-Alabama game week. He’s going to be a Georgia Bulldog.

With this decision, the No. 2 OT and No. 6 overall prospect in the country becomes the top rated prospect in the 2021 class in Georgia. Mims is now the 16th engagement on Georgia’s board for the class.

Georgia managed to resist a strong Tennessee throw to hook Mims’ engagement. The addition of Mims will also cause the Bulldogs to jump beyond Flights to the # 7 position for the 2021 cycle on the 247Sports Composite rankings.

It comes the week after the Bulldogs beat the Volunteers on the field.

Mims is another huge win for first-year offensive line coach Matt Luke. Luke managed to hold Mims back in a 2021 class that was certainly all the rage of Georgia under former line trainer Sam Pittman. Mims told DawgNation this summer that he would have signed up for Georgia had Pittman remained the offensive line coach in Athens.

Luke, who retained and kept a ton of big fish for Georgia, is now adding Mims to another tough offensive line class that now includes All-Americans Dylan Fairchild of West Forsyth High School and Micah Morris of Camden County High School. Georgia also marked the re-engagement of highly regarded 3-star North Carolina Jared Wilson of West Forsyth High School in North Carolina.

The Under Armor All-American is now set to become the first Power 5 signatory to the Bleckley County High program since safety Tavon Ross signed with Missouri in 2014.

This recruitment should not exactly be seen as a done deal. Mims has been coveted by Alabama, Auburn, FSU and Tennessee, among others. The decision will only be considered final after it has been signed at the start of the period and enrolled in the school of their choice in January 2021.

The Mims decision gives Georgia a collection of 5-star offensive line prospects during the Kirby Smart era. If he continues and signs with the Bulldogs, he will be the fifth prospect with a 5 star rating to choose the Bulldogs during Smart’s time as head coach.

He will also be in line to become the 14th offensive line prospect ranked among the nation’s top 100 prospects (247Sports Composite ratings) to join the program from Smart’s first UGA recruiting class in 2016.

By comparison, the Bulldogs have signed just 12 offensive line prospects who were ranked among the nation’s top 10 prospects at their position from 2002 to 2015, with far fewer being considered among the nation’s top 100 overall prospects.

Amarius Mims: what Georgia gets with the 5-star OT

Bleckley County Offensive Line Coach Ryan McKenzie has been fortunate enough to work with a pair of Georgia offensive line rookies at Trey Hill and Warren McClendon over the past few years during his training stoppages . He also coached former Georgia signatory D’Antne Demery at Brunswick High School.

McKenzie thinks Mims has more academic potential than any of these guys at this same stage of their college career. This is not only due to his status as the only 5-star rookie, but also his immense size. Georgia’s newly signed pledge is 6 feet, 8 inches, and 320 pounds in her senior year of high school.

Mims is the prototype of what an elite ALL-SEC offensive tackle looks like. The former tight end from high school has collected some dominant clips on the pitch. He’s a monster in the trenches, but he’s also a young man who is regarded for his great character on and off the pitch.

“He’s a kid who loves people,” McKenzie said. “He has the best personality I have ever associated with a 5 star.”

He said training him was like raising a German Shepherd. A very big one.

“When I come home from work, he jumps on me,” McKenzie said. ” It’s him. When I see him, he jumps on me. He hits my fist. Normally people this size are like “hey coach wassup” and go about their business. With him, I must tell him not to enter the meeting room with his cell phone.

It’s because her phone is still ringing. So many people are trying to reach it.

“He just doesn’t want to disappoint people,” McKenzie said.

The Amarius Mims Story Every UGA Fan Must Read

McKenzie has a lot of stories about Mims. But we’ll use this engagement day story space to share its best again.

“He was on his way to get this scholarship and before the first round playoff game [last year] he breaks his wrist, ”McKenzie said. “He looks at him and says whatever we need to do so that I can play in the first round so that I can be there for my brothers, that’s what we’re going to do. Whatever we have to do, he said.

McKenzie thought about his future.

Mims thought there was no way he would miss his next game.

“We did some plank exercises before the first big playoff game on Monday,” McKenzie said. “We probably shouldn’t have done it. Coach [Von] Lassiter and I talked about it. It was the first time we made the playoffs in quite some time here.

Mims came out the very first rep. He put the linebacker on his back. Then planted his hand.

“He gets up and he holds it,” McKenzie said. “He looks up and says ‘Coach it hurts a little bit’ and we take him to the doctor. He broke his wrist.

“They put him in the cast and the first thing he says is ‘Coach I’m playing Friday’ after that.

It was last year against Fitzgerald. Mims played in this match.

“He’s the kind of kid he is,” said his line coach. “Not number two in the country. Not the-I-must-protect-myself-and-my-future-child. It was “I want to play in this game and I want to be there for my teammates. They need me. He’s the kind of kid he is.

Amarius Mims is now becoming the top-ranked commitment on the board for the 2021 class in Georgia. (Jeff Sentell / DawgNation)

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