All the things you can’t do in Nottinghamshire from today with the introduction of level 2 lockdown


New high-level alert restrictions are in place in Nottinghamshire from today (Wednesday 14 October.All households and businesses in the city and county are subject to the same level 2 local lockdown restrictions after cases in the county surged last week.

The city of Nottingham has been hit particularly hard by the recent spike, with the increase in cases, which allowed Nottingham to have the highest rate of new infections last week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Monday that all of Nottinghamshire was to be subject to further local restrictions.

Level 2 restrictions are introduced in p-zones with a higher level of infection.

In addition to the recent mid-level restrictions the nation has grown accustomed to, the government is imposing the following restrictions on all of Nottinghamshire from Wednesday 14 October:

  • you should not socialize with anyone outside your home or support the bubble in an indoor environment, either at home or in a public place
  • you should not socialize in a group of more than 6 outdoors, including in a garden or other spaces such as beaches or parks (except where specific exemptions apply in law)
  • businesses and sites can continue to operate, securely by Covid, except those that remain closed by law
  • some businesses need to ensure that customers only consume food and drinks when they are seated and must close between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • businesses and places selling food for consumption off the premises may continue to do so after 10 p.m., provided this is done through a delivery service, online pick-up service or steering wheel
  • schools, universities and places of worship remain open
  • weddings and funerals can take place with restrictions on the number of participants
  • exercise classes and organized sport can continue to take place outdoors. These will only be allowed indoors if it is possible for people to avoid mingling with people they do not live with or sharing a bubble of support, or for the sport of young people or People with Disabilities
  • you can continue to go to open places or facilities, for work or for education, but you should seek to reduce the number of trips you take when possible

You have to:

  • wear a face mask in areas where it is mandatory

You must continue to:

  • follow social distancing rules
  • work from home where you can do it efficiently
  • walk or cycle where possible, or plan ahead and avoid rush hours and public transport routes


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