All the areas going into level 3 lockdown this week – and the 5 million that could be next


A staggering 8.7 million people in England will be locked down to Level 3 by the end of this week.And an additional 5 million people are in talks to join them – a hammer blow to thousands of struggling businesses across the country.

The strict rules mean pubs must close unless they can function as a restaurant – and only serve alcohol with “substantial” meals.

It is forbidden for people to gather with other people who are not in their home or in their bubble, whether it is indoors, in gardens or in beer gardens.

Residents are advised not to travel into or out of a Level 3 area – and if they leave they should behave as if they are still there.

Areas of the UK in the most severe lockdown – either level 3 in England or national restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (red) or in talks to enter level 3 (orange)

Today it emerged that all of Nottinghamshire will enter level 3, rather than just four of its eight boroughs as previously planned.

Warrington also entered Level 3 earlier this week, joining the Liverpool area, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Yorkshire.

And finally, West Yorkshire and the North East are currently at level 2 but are in talks on whether to enter level 3.

We’re taking a look at hot spots that are changing status – or could do so shortly – this week.

Tier 3 since Tuesday: Warrington

Warrington became the fourth region in England to join Rank 3, with pubs and bars being forced to close in the city of 210,000.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said a deal had been made to take Warrington to the highest alert level, with infection rates soaring to some of the highest in the country.

Case rates were 361 people per 100,000 across all age groups, with infections among those over 60 increasing 20% ​​in one week to 217 per 100,000 people.

In addition to the usual Level 3 rules, betting shops, adult gaming centers, casinos, and software gaming centers and zones must also close.

Tier 3 from Friday: Nottinghamshire

An additional 1.2 million people in England will plunge into a Level 3 lockdown from Friday.

All of Nottinghamshire will be hit by pub closures, travel bans and new socialization measures.

Originally, four of the county’s eight boroughs – Nottingham, Gedling, Rushcliffe and Broxtowe – were scheduled to enter Level 3 from Thursday.

But Ashfield, Bassetlaw, Mansfield and Newark and Sherwood have also been roped up since. So, for the sake of consistency, measurements will begin in the eight boroughs from 12:01 a.m. on Friday.

Nottinghamshire has been slapped with by far the tightest restrictions of any level 3 region in England.

In addition to the standard level 3 rules, local leaders have agreed on a long menu of “à la carte” measures that are not yet seen anywhere else.

Shisha and other “shared smoking equipment” will be prohibited in reception areas.

Nail bars, saunas, tattoo and piercing parlors and tanning salons are to close, along with punters, car starter stores and auction houses.

All stores will be prohibited from selling alcohol for drinking off the premises after 9 p.m.

All indoor entertainment and tourism venues are to close with the exception of ice rinks, cinemas, concert halls, theaters, hotels and other accommodation.

Gyms and recreation centers can remain open but it is “strongly advised” not to organize group exercises or dance lessons.

And the hairstylist and barbers can stay open but can’t do any “personal care” work, like eyebrows.

Strict rules for Level 3 zones include a ban on socializing in outdoor gardens – but Nottinghamshire has agreed to an avalanche of additional measures (above)

In talks to enter Tier 3: West Yorkshire

Meetings were underway yesterday and today on the possible upgrade of West Yorkshire to level 3.

The region has 2.3 million people and includes Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees.

A local official today expected talks to continue for a few more days.

But Susan Hinchcliffe, chief of the Bradford council, said ministers were “unwavering in their determination” to put the region in rank 3.

She said it was not clear what support would be offered to companies if they were to move up to the next level.

But the government had told council leaders it would be a “model package” with no possibility of negotiation – although ministers promised to clarify the support package at a further meeting.

West Yorkshire leaders said: ‘This afternoon talks are underway to discuss measures to control the rising rates of COVID-19 infection in the region and a package of measures to support West Yorkshire economy if it is necessary to move to level three (Very High) restrictions.

“We have not yet concluded these discussions at this point and we will continue tomorrow to get the best for our communities. “

In talks to enter Tier 3: North East

Talks have been going on for weeks in an area of ​​2.7 million people, including Tyneside and the Tees Valley.

Level 3 talks were suspended last week after infection rates fell, but Robert Jenrick then emailed local leaders to resume them.

Local sources said there had been official-level meetings on health data, but not yet strong political involvement.

And leaders in the Northeast have said they are ready to retaliate if there is pressure to upgrade to Level 3.

North Tyne Mayor-elect Jamie Driscoll said he had not yet heard a response from ministers on any decision for the region.

He said local officials spoke to Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam and his team, who agreed that the number of cases in the North East had stabilized and that the NHS had the capacity to to face.

The Labor mayor said the infections were mostly found in “private homes, then schools, universities, retirement homes and workplaces … none of which are affected by the Level 3 lockdown. So the level 3 would cause economic damage for no reason. ”

Gateshead Council Chief Martin Gannon said the government “appeared to be pushing” for Rank 3 in the North East, adding “We are going backwards.”

… And the rest

The mayor of Bristol today announced that the city is indeed in ‘level 1 plus’, but this is not an official status.

It’s simply a phrase coined by local city leaders to describe some local measures and urge residents to be on guard.

Meanwhile, several areas could enter Level 2, which already has more than 20 million people.

Derby, Staffordshire, Hertfordshire, Lincoln, Plymouth and Warwickshire are among the touted areas.

Level 2 rules prohibit people from meeting other households anywhere indoors, but gatherings of up to six people in open-air gardens or private gardens are still allowed.


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