All new coronavirus announcements made in Northern Ireland today


The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance announced a series of new developments in the fight against the coronavirus following today’s executive meeting.Arlene Foster clarified a number of questions about the new restrictions that will take effect at 6 p.m. Friday, while Conor Murphy unveiled a support package for businesses that will have to shut down as a result.

During tonight’s press conference, the prime minister said she received a number of questions after the new restrictions were announced and wanted to clarify a number of points.

Prime Minister Arlene Foster

They included:

Kindergartens, nurseries and private daycares and establishments can remain open

Families of deceased loved ones can bring them home before the funeral, but family restrictions must be observed and awakenings are no longer allowed

Hotels may remain open on a restricted basis for those already resident or those who need them for business purposes, including frontline staff, vulnerable and those in emergency situations and those unable to return at their main address

Hotel bars, however, must close and anyone who books into a hotel before 6 p.m. on Friday can stay

Holiday rental or rental accommodation may also remain open

Pools and gyms may also remain open for individual use and one-on-one with a personal trainer – but not for group classes

Taxis can continue to work

Music lessons and lessons can also continue to be delivered at home

On Thursday, the minister said retailers could stay open as well as churches

Among those ordered to shut down for four weeks from Friday were close contact services.

The Prime Minister further explained what this meant.

The list of close contact services, which are due to close from 6 p.m. tomorrow, includes:

Hairdressers and barbers

Aesthetic beauty services such as nails, makeup and tanning

Tattoo parlors


Sports and massage therapy

Well-being and holistic places

Dressers, tailors and fashion designers

Ms Foster said this also applies to people who provide close contact services on a mobile basis from their homes, such as in the arts or entertainment, retail and those studying hairdressing and beauty.

Businesses in Northern Ireland affected by the new Covid-19 restrictions can apply for a new financial support program.

Finance Minister Conor Murphy said it followed additional £ 200million in funding for the executive.

Minister of Finance Conor Murphy

The localized restrictions support program will apply to all 11 municipalities. It opened for Derry City & Strabane yesterday and will be open for all other boards on Monday.

Payments will be made every two weeks, businesses are closed.

They are:

The program, which will apply to companies subject to eligibility criteria, will include:

  • Coffees
  • Pubs and restaurants that have been temporarily forced to close or limit their services to take-out service
  • Hotels and guest houses
  • Close contact services in or using business premises such as hairdressers and barbers, beauty salons, day spas, nail bars and tattoo parlors forced to close, and,
  • Other businesses that under the Health Protection Regulations are required to cease performing this activity or providing this service include cinemas, museums, galleries, trampoline parks, inflatable parks, escape rooms, bowling alleys and ice rinks.

The estimated cost of rolling out the program to all councils will be £ 35million for four weeks.

Minister Murphy said: ‘Following the additional funding the executive has received of £ 200million, I have doubled the announced payments for the District Council area of ​​Derry & Strabane. This new program will apply to all areas of the council and for many businesses, payments will be made promptly using information held by Land & Property Services.

“I know that many companies have not benefited from previous support programs. I have asked colleagues on the executive to urgently present proposals for the sectors for which they are responsible. “


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