Alicia Beverly describes a pastor who pees her


A Detroit woman aboard a red-eyed flight on her way home from Las Vegas on Monday woke up to find a pastor with “her private space” and peeing on her. In an interview with Fox 2 Detroit, Alicia Beverly remembers being woken up by something wet and hot.

Beverly said she was in the backseat next to her sister the moment she saw a so far unidentified – but supposedly ‘well known’ North Carolina pastor[ing] himself ”at his eye level. She realized immediately that there was a puddle of urine in the seats.

“I jumped and saw his private space come out and I screamed and it woke everyone up. At that point I actually looked at him and I see him shake and I’m like that man who just peed me! I looked and there was a puddle of pee in the seats! Beverly said.

According to the report, which cites anonymous sources, the incident of peeing on a stranger was blamed on a bad reaction to an unspecified “sleeping pill”.

After Beverly screamed and woke the nocturnal flight from her collective slumber, the unidentified pastor was taken into custody by a cop on leave who was on the plane. There have been no charges yet and, again, the man has yet to be named. The identity of the pastor is known to the local media. They contacted his associates, who declined to comment.

But if there are any fees, they would most likely be federal.

Beverly’s interview ultimately became moving, especially when the woman described suffering from extreme anxiety as a result of the incident. Through tears, she said she had only slept four hours since she woke up on that plane.

[Image via Fox 2 Detroit screengab]

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