Alberta Adds 622 New COVID-19 Cases, Grande Prairie Adds Six


The updated case totals among municipalities in the Peace Region at the end of the day on October 29 are as follows:

  • City of Grande Prairie: 267 cases (91 active, 174 cured, two deaths)
  • Grande Prairie County: 93 cases (21 active, 72 cured)
  • MD from Greenview: 24 cases (six active, 17 cured, one death)
  • Birch Hills County: five cases (all recovered)
  • Spirit River MD: 27 cases (four active, 23 recovered)
  • Saddle Hills County: four cases (one active, three cured)
  • Smoky River DM: 76 cases (one active, 65 cured, ten deaths)
  • Big Lakes County: 53 cases (one active, 47 cured, five deaths)
  • Lesser Slave River DM: 23 cases (four active, 18 cured, one death)
  • MD of Peace: 38 cases (ten active, 28 cured)
  • Fairview MD: 25 cases (nine active, 16 cured)
  • Clear Hills County: 96 cases (two active, 93 cured, one death)
  • Northern Sunrise County: nine cases (all recovered)
  • Northern Lights County: 59 cases (one active, 58 recovered)
  • Mackenzie County: 415 cases (seven active, 395 cured, 13 deaths)

The province recorded its highest daily total of new cases since the start of the pandemic, adding 622 new cases on Thursday. These come from the fact that 12,938 tests were processed at the provincial laboratory, creating a positivity rate of 4.8%.

In the North Zone, tests for 510 people were processed on Thursday, bringing the total number of people tested in northern Alberta since March to 122,863.

Hospitalizations remain low in the North zone with three people hospitalized, including two in ICU.

Across Alberta, hospitalizations have increased from 10 to 140, of which 25 are now in an intensive care unit.

Five more deaths have been linked to COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, bringing the provincial total to 323.

Active cases now stand at 5,172 in Alberta, with 22,169 recoveries.

Due to site maintenance, Alberta Health says information on COVID-19 will not be released again until Tuesday, November 3. This update will cover October 30 to November 2 in the province.


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