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Here are the teams! It’s a windy night in Amsterdam, with the wind blowing around the Johan Cruyff ArenA with the roof left open. Someone ordered a Champions League-themed remix – Zadok the Priest (version) – so we have to suffer for it, but it joins the well-worn version pretty quickly. Small pity. We’ll be leaving in a minute. “I think we will score a lot of goals tonight given the reorganized formation of Liverpool and Adrian at the net,” wrote Mike MacKenzie. “It probably means 0-0 or 1-1. “


Ajax are playing tonight in their famous red and white shirts. Liverpool, meanwhile, will be dressed in black and

anthracite tiles. Write your own press release using the following marketing-approved phrases: “iconic”, “inspiration from European nights”, “heavily influenced by checkered flags and banners”, “incomparable atmosphere”, “perfectly mixed color”, “Explored long-standing traditions”, “the lens of sneaker culture”, “winging it”, “not a patch on the late 70s white Umbro number with Hitachi on the front”. The lens of sneaker culture!


Positive spirit guru Jurgen Klopp talks to BT Sport. “Curtis Jones is pretty good. That’s all. But also the situation of course. We have some issues so we have to make sure we can start and how we can end the game. So that’s the reason. He’s pretty good. That’s why he’s playing. We don’t think [the missing Alisson and Virgil van Dijk] but we are constantly asked questions about it, so it’s hard not to think about it! But when you’re alone, you focus on the available players, and you leave with whatever you have, that’s what you do. Football depends on the individual quality of the players, but not as much as you might think. It’s all about perception. You think in unique situations: ah, with Van Dijk it would have been different. Yes. But we cannot change that. So we don’t think like that, we’re just trying to play the best football we can do.




The teams






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