Airlines launch world’s first immunity passport to exempt travelers from quarantine


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The approach depends entirely on countries’ confidence in international testing processes and results. The app will only accept results from “certified” laboratories for the purpose of standardizing results, despite specific national regulations. When a vaccine becomes available, the app should display the vaccine’s certification.

We look forward to reviewing the results of these trials and using the lessons to support the recovery of an industry that offers so many jobs and economic opportunities around the world.

However, according to the World Health Organization, simply sharing test results may not be enough to ensure public safety. They claim that an antibody test is what is needed to pass the immunity passport, but these tests are not yet available.

Emirates’ rapid pre-flight immunity screening was withdrawn after it was shown to only have a 30% success rate. Inaccurate results could have granted travelers “immunity” status even if they had never contracted the virus.

“In the case of rapid test kits, the antibodies develop after 5-7 days or more, so it is not advisable for early detection and current kits are unreliable,” said Dr Anthony Thomas, director of the diagnostics division at Prime Hospital. IT health news.

In May, Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye publicly defended immunity passports as a CommonPass.

“If the British government, with one of the largest aviation sectors in the world, came together with the European Union and the United States, they would both have the global diplomatic and economic power to set the international standard. Holland -Kaye said.

CommonPass comes into play as the UK postpones COVID-19 airport testing, which is expected to begin this week. Travelers shouldn’t anticipate this until November at the earliest.


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