Adele shows off her American accent as she prepares to host Saturday Night Live


Adele showed off her American accent in a teaser video as she prepares to host Saturday Night Live.The singer, 32, makes her debut on the American Sketch Show Tonight and she tested her American draw in a promo clip.

In the teaser, Adele is seen alongside SNL actor Kate McKinnon and musician HER talking about the upcoming show.

Kate tried an English accent and Adele did better by responding in a perfect American twang saying, “Oh my God! No worries, girlfriend! ”

The Grammy-winning singer wore a sparkly satin top and black pants that showed off her slender figure and wore a mask for the promo, which revolves around confusing HER vocals and not Adele.

Adele anime Saturday Night Live tonight

It starts with the London-born singer saying, “Hi! I’m Adele, and I’m presenting Saturday Night Live this week with HER, musical guest ”

McKinnon then asks, “Wait, her or her?” Pointing first to ELLE and then to Adele.

Adele adds, “No, SHE” as she gestures to the show’s singer guest, who responds, “Oh, wait, she?” And McKinnon shows.

The actor then said: “Yes, I will be the musical guest this week. “

Adele with SNL actor Kate McKinnon and musician HER

Announcing her Instagram appearance, the chart-topping singer wrote, “Bloooooody hellllll I’m so excited about this !! And also absolutely terrified!

“My very first hosting concert and for SNL of all things !!!! ”

At the time, she said there would be no vocal performance from her because she wanted to focus on animation.

Adele pictured in 2016 before losing weight

Adele wowed fans with her body transformation

Adele continued, “I always wanted to do it as a secluded moment, so I could roll up my sleeves and completely throw myself in, but the timing has never been right.

“But if there was a time for any of us to jump head first into the depths with our eyes closed and hope for the best, it’s 2020, isn’t it?” ”

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