Adam Jones calls out Bengals coaching staff in Instagram video


Within three days, the Bengals’ defense collapsed in yet another loss and the team traded Carlos Dunlap.

Once a key player in the franchise, Dunlap was with the franchise for the past decade. And for eight of his seasons in Cincinnati, he teamed up with Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Jones, who has been out of the NFL since late 2018, took to his Instagram Story Thursday to tear the Bengals and their coaches to shreds. His rant primarily targeted Zac Taylor’s coaching staff.

“You all have to fix the coaching staff. Special teams suck. Defensive coordinators must be fired, ”Jones said. “But then you cut (traded) Carlos (Dunlap). I understand what you are doing, but I don’t. You’re all dropping out of the season, I guess. The Bengals will only win one more game.

You can watch the entire rant here:

Jones’ frustration was echoed by other Bengals fans as well. The former Pro Bowl cornerback spent the majority of his 12-year career in Cincinnati and had his best years with the team, so he still has an emotional connection with the team and has played with many players. that are on the current list.

Geno Atkins has played with Jones for as long as Dunlap, and Jones has expressed disgust with the way Atkins has been used this season.

»The best 3 technique nose guard (expletive). I’ve never seen Geno (Atkins) line up in the middle. Never in my whole career (expletive). Geno above center (expletive) each (expletive) is playing now.

We’ve never seen this before just because former head coach Marvin Lewis has led the team for so long, there has never been an opportunity for players in his regime to criticize his replacement and his assistants – so far, at least.

Jones may not speak for everyone about the old regime, but it’s hard not to agree with the source of his anger.


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