Actor Jon Cryer’s lost wedding ring found in minutes by Vancouver ring seeker


VANCOUVER – With his weathered black jacket and a huge skull ring on his finger, Chris Turner looks like an extra from a biker movie set. But her passion is finding lost jewelry with her metal detector.

“I found something that I’m good at and that I love more than anything I’ve ever done,” he said Monday in an interview with CTV News.

Turner’s phone has been ringing off the hook since word broke about his latest client, “Two and a Half Men” star Jon Cryer.

On Friday night, Cryer lost his wedding ring on the False Creek seawall near Cooper’s Park. It was raining heavily and he couldn’t find him alone that night, or even the next day.

He emailed Turner, who responded unaware that the message was from a celebrity.

Turner says he told Cryer that there was a “two, maybe five percent chance” of finding the ring, simply because it could have easily rolled in the water, or someone would have picked it up.

The only chance to find it is if the ring had fallen on the thin strip of grass that divides the dike.

Sunday morning, Turner met Cryer and started looking.

“It was a very small area – long, but very narrow,” Turner recalls. “I started my grid search and Jon was looking around the cracks and crevices in the bricks near the sea wall in case it passed.”

To his surprise, he found the ring in the grass within minutes.

Turner recorded Cryer’s discovery and reaction on his phone, and posted the interaction to his YouTube channel.

“In probably four minutes, three or four minutes, I found her ring… I was like, ‘Oh my God.’

Turner is part of a network of people who find lost jewelry called The Ring Finders. Over the past three decades, he says he has found more than 600 rings.

Cryer, who is in Vancouver because he plays Lex Luther on the Supergirl series, also documented the research in a Twitter feed extended.

In Turner’s video, Cryer lets out an “Oh, you’re kidding me” and claps when the ring is uncovered so quickly.

He also describes how the ring got lost as he pulled his hand out of his pocket while walking, “It was raining. It was nighttime and I heard a ping behind me, and I realized it was no longer on my finger.

Turner says that once he realized who Cryer was, he told him how much he loved his character on Two and a Half Men.

« [Cryer] said, wow, thank you very much. He is so humble.

As to how he did the quick job of the search, Turner says, “It was supposed to be found.”


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