Accident in Thailand: bus collides with train, killing 18


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The collision occurred early Sunday morning, east of Bangkok

A bus collided with a train in Thailand, killing at least 18 people and injuring dozens more, officials said.

The accident happened on Sunday morning, 50 km east of Bangkok.

Thai police said passengers inside the bus were heading to a temple to mark the end of Buddhist Lent.

Footage from the scene shows the bus overturned on its side, badly damaged, and objects strewn along the train tracks.

Rescuers say they need a crane to be able to lift the bus.

There were 60 passengers traveling on the bus at the time of the crash, provincial governor Maitree Tritilanond said.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha offered his condolences and called for a full investigation.

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Road collisions are common in Thailand, with poor safety standards and busy roads seen as key factors. A 2018 report from the World Health Organization (WHO) said Thailand had the second highest road fatality rate in the world.

In March 2018, at least 18 people died and dozens injured when a bus in northeast Thailand swerved from the road and crashed into a tree.

At least three people were killed in 2016 when a train collided with a double-decker bus carrying tourists at an unguarded level crossing west of Bangkok.


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