A WHO official calls for tighter restrictions in Europe, and London will face new limits.


The weekly number of new coronavirus cases in Europe is now at its highest level since the start of the pandemic, a senior World Health Organization official said on Thursday, urging governments to impose tighter and more targeted controls on social gatherings.

The number of confirmed cases in Europe increased from one million to seven million in just 10 days, Hans Kluge, director of the WH.O, told reporters. for Europe, and the number of daily deaths had passed the 1,000 level for the first time in months. (An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the last time daily deaths in Europe exceeded 1,000; it was earlier this year, not ever.)

His warning came as Britain announced tightened restrictions in several areas, including London, where people from different households will not be able to meet indoors from midnight on Friday. People will also be discouraged from using public transport.

The new measures will also apply to the city of York in the north of England, as well as parts of central and south-eastern England.


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