A second batch of Rafale de France fighter jets will arrive in November


New Delhi: As the country prepares to introduce a second batch of Rafale jets, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has sent a team of officials to France to coordinate logistical issues and review the training of a group of sorted pilots. on the shutter at the Saint-Dizier air base there, officials announced Thursday. Read also – Never faced sexism throughout his career in the Indian Air Force: Gunjan Saxena tells Delhi High Court

The IAF sent a team of experts led by the Deputy Chief of Staff (Projects) to take stock of the progress of the project and prepare to receive the second batch of Rafale fighter jets next month. built by the French company Dassault Aviation. Read also – India tests its first anti-radiation missile “Rudram” | Here is all you need to know

India received on July 29 the first batch of five Rafale planes which were inducted into the 17th Squadron at Ambala Air Base on September 10. Read also – IAF helicopter makes precautionary landing in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh: report

India had signed an intergovernmental agreement with France to buy 36 of these planes at a cost of Rs 59,000 crore.

After the inauguration of the first batch of Rafale aircraft, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh called the Rafale agreement a game-changer. “I am convinced that our air force has acquired a technological advantage with Rafale,” said Rajnath Singh.

The Rafale is a generation 4.5 aircraft and has the latest weapons, superior sensors and a fully integrated architecture. It’s a versatile aircraft, which means it can complete at least four missions in a single sortie.

Fighter jets have HAMMER missiles. It will also be armed with beyond visual range missiles like Meteor, SCALP and MICA, increasing their ability to attack incoming targets from a distance.

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