A quick question with Tatiana Maslany, who denies she’s She-Hulk


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Tatiana Maslany played a plethora of characters in Orphan Black, including Cosima (left) and Sarah.

Q: As a music fan, what are you listening to right now?

A: Right now, that’s such a good question. Every time I am asked to empty. … I listen everywhere on the map. This guy called AG Cook, I really am right now, who’s like a PC Music guy. I always come back to Sophie. I’m listening to Die Antwoord’s new album.

“I’m going back to Death Grips and Kendrick – I just started listening, it’s called Dissect, where this guy mostly breaks down hip-hop albums and he goes through Kendrick Lamar’s Damn and that gives me double – like I do.” am already a huge fan of him, but i can really explain why he is so awesome. It is really exciting.

Q: I was hoping to ask you about some of the things you do too. Obviously you’re the new She-Hulk, which is a big deal –

A: It’s actually not a real thing and it’s like a press release that got out of hand. It’s definitely not – I’ve been connected to these things in the past and the press has taken to it, but that’s not really a thing, unfortunately.

Q: Seriously? I think I even saw it on the BBC as serious news outlets.

A: Yeah, I don’t know how these things go – I don’t know, I don’t know. You know better; I have no idea. (Laughs.)

Q: OK, I won’t ask you about that then! What else is going on in your professional life? I’m sure COVID threw a wrench into things.

A: Yeah. I think a cartoon I’m a part of was just announced today. It’s called Harper House and it’s a great new comedic animation. I play a weird little girl called Ollie, who’s the girl in this family and her brain works on a very different level and she’s very cool, very smart without being smart. … It’s for adults, of course.

Maslany had to rush to another call before I could ask about life in Toronto (which her Instagram suggests – she lived in Los Angeles) and giving a platform to marginalized voices (again once, showing her Instagram). I also wondered if she missed Orphan Black, and if she was still improvising (remember the general freaks? So good). Questions for next time!

The General Fools, Tatiana Maslany (left), Jayden Pfeifer, Mike Fly, Rob Appleby, Amy Matysio and Steve Torgerson perform at the Globe Theater this evening and Saturday.
The General Fools, Tatiana Maslany (left), Jayden Pfeifer, Mike Fly, Rob Appleby, Amy Matysio and Steve Torgerson, in a 2006 photo. jpg

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