A community association frustrated by the reopening of Crescent Road to vehicles


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City workers were setting up a barrier on Sunday, giving pedestrians more room than the sidewalk, but resident Wayne Wegner said it was not enough.

“I need social distancing and that doesn’t happen on the way,” Wegner said.

He enjoyed walking on the road, biking with neighbors with their children, rollerblading or even cross-country skiing after the snow had fallen.

Ward 7 Coun. Druh Farrell said in a tweet on Saturday that she was also disappointed with the decision to reopen the road to vehicles.

“Many Calgarians have enjoyed Crescent Road over the past few months. It was an entire community, the surrounding communities and visitors from all over Calgary of all ages and abilities with a space to safely enjoy iconic views, ”said Farrell.

She added that she is encouraged that the city’s transportation department is committed to allowing temporary closures that will allow the community to schedule outdoor winter activities.


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