$ 70 million lottery prize awarded to Ontario


Adrian Olmsted from Blenheim, Ont. won a Lotto Max jackpot

TORONTO – For the second time this month, OLG has awarded a huge Lotto Max lottery prize.Adrian Olmstead, a 44-year-old man from Blenheim, near Chatham, cashed a bill worth $ 70 million.

It was drawn over five months ago, during the April 14 Lotto Max draw.

The stay-at-home dad of two said he had “taken a little while” to show up to claim the prize because he wanted to make sure he had the best advice on how to handle the money and its impact on the life of his family.

“My priority is for us to lead a good life, but I want to raise my children to know the value of a dollar, understand the meaning of hard work and teach them how to support themselves as adults,” Olmstead said.

He plans to buy a new house “with a lot of land”, a recreational vehicle for the family to travel across Canada and “a fast car” to have fun.

Olmstead said on his way to the local grocery store he used the automated ticket checker to scan four tickets.

The first three gave him just a free game, but the last ticket came “Big Winner” with what he initially thought was a flashing 70 000 $.

“I checked it over and over and was amazed to find it was $ 70 million,” Olmstead recalls.

On his way to the parking lot, he got into his truck and called his mother, then started to cry.

She was worried at first, until he could explain that he was shedding tears of joy.

Earlier this month, a 67-year-old Hearst resident claimed a Lotto Max prize of $ 65 million.


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