6 people face $ 15,000 fines after New York sheriffs destroy violators in COVID clusters – NBC New York


The New York City Sheriff’s Office has issued nearly 30 civil summons to the city’s COVID groups since the state’s latest restrictions took effect – of these, at least six have a price up to $ 15,000.

The department reported 29 violations in the city’s yellow, orange and red clusters between Friday and Sunday morning, but did not specify the exact locations.

Six of the 13 violations pronounced in red zones between Saturday and Sunday morning carry potential fines of $ 15,000 for encouraging, promoting and staging a non-essential rally, the department said.

Among the coronavirus test results returned on Saturday from the state’s red zones, Governor Andrew Cuomo said 170, or 5.74%, came back positive. The previous week’s average for red areas reached 6.13%, down slightly from 6.91% from the previous week, according to state reports.

Enforcement also continued outside of cluster areas. MPs made four arrests and issued 13 tickets to appear in criminal court during a rave in Queens early Sunday morning, located outside the Borough assembly area.

According to Sheriff Fucito, social media posts gave MPs advice at the after-hours party at Cunningham Park. At least 100 people were discovered at the party, in addition to a DJ, private security guards and hookahs, he said.

New York City will begin fining those who violate public health measures on Friday. NBC New York’s Katherine Creag reports.

Penalties of up to $ 15,000 per day apply for violations of mass assembly rules; in the red cluster zones, these are totally prohibited. A 25% capacity or maximum 10 person cap applies to places of worship, while schools are all commuting remotely and non-essential businesses have been closed. Fines of up to $ 1,000 a day accompany social distancing and mask-wearing offenses – and Mayor Bill de Blasio has warned that people who break the rules will face consequences.

The orange and yellow areas of the cluster area are subject to varying restrictions, although schools are only allowed to stay in person, with mandatory weekly testing, in the latter. The new restrictions have been in place for at least two weeks; they will not be lifted until the trend in the infection rate returns to the numbers New York saw this summer.

The New York restrictions, which apply to the Brooklyn and Queens clusters, as well as Orange, Rockland and Broome counties, cover only about 6% of the state’s total population, has declared the governor. The most severe restrictions, which apply to areas of the Red Cluster Zone, cover only 2.8% of the state’s population. That same 2.8% makes up 20% of the state’s daily cases, Cuomo said – and the infection rate in those red areas alone is over 6%.

The governor has launched an aggressive and targeted testing strategy focused on these red zone areas, as well as 20 postal code hotspots that have seen positivity rates skyrocket in recent weeks. While the overall infection rate remains low, the total number of COVID-related hospitalizations is reaching recent highs in both the state and the city.

Cuomo reported a total of 820 hospitalizations in New York on Sunday, down six from the previous day.

Daily percentage of positive tests by New York region

Governor Andrew Cuomo divides the state into 10 regions for testing and tracks positivity rates to identify potential hot spots. Here is the latest tracking data by region. For the latest county-wide statewide results, click here


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