531K remain unemployed in New York amid coronavirus, study finds


NEW YORK CITY – The coronavirus pandemic is still taking a heavy toll on New York’s workforce, according to new state unemployment figures.

About 531,000 city dwellers were unemployed in September, the state labor ministry reported this week.

The city’s unemployment rate was 13.9%, according to the study. It was 3.5% a year ago.

Figures show the city still lags behind the rest of New York City in terms of a job recovery after the coronavirus devastated the economy from March.

“In addition, the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell from 12.5% ​​to 9.7% in September 2020,” the study said.

The Bronx, where 111,000 workers were unemployed, led the boroughs in terms of unemployment. Its unemployment rate was 18.8%, followed by Brooklyn at 14.1%.

Queens’ unemployment rate was 13.8% while Manhattan and Staten Island were 10.9% and 11.6%, respectively.


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