50 Cent criticizes Lil Wayne for sharing smiling photo of Trump after withdrawing support for president


“Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump,” Wayne captioned the post. “Besides what it has done so far with penal reform, the Platinum Plan will give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured that he would and could do it.

The photo drew backlash from many Wayne fans, including fellow rapper 50 Cent, who had also shown support for Trump on his Platinum plan, but subsequently withdrew his endorsement.

“Oh no, Wayne,” 50 tweeted, adding a head-in-hand emoji. “I would never have taken this photo. “

The rapper initially cited a CNBC report – which is widely seen as misleading – claiming that Joe Biden would tax 62% of top New York earners’ salaries if elected.

However, 50 later resumed his endorsement, tweeting, “F *** Donald Trump, I never liked him. “

“I’m so happy to love people more than my bank balance,” she commented. “There is nothing that a white supremacist can offer me that is worth my people or the lives of any other group of people in this country who are suffering.

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘Did you ask him why he decided to meet with you less than a week before election day? When are some of you all going to learn? ”


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