5 previous projects by Victoria Pedretti; “The Haunting of Bly Manor” has done awesome things since “Hill House”


Victoria Pedretti hasn’t been on the scene for a long time, but so far she has booked major gigs and brought them out of the park. Her new role is Dani the au pair in Netflix The haunting of Bly Manor, which just released on October 9. But what did she do before The haunting series? Well, between the two seasons she’s been busy.

1. “The Haunting of Hill House”

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First, the first professional concert booked by Pedretti outside the university in 2017 was The Haunting of Hill House. She attended the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and worked on two short films before scoring Hill House. And it was his first real show. Not only that, but the first season of a Netflix original series that went on to become one of the biggest of 2018.

She played the role of Nell Crain, the youngest of the Crain family who has moved to a house with a disturbing history and menacing energy. She has a twin, Luke, and they bear most of the trauma the house has had to offer. Pedretti’s time this season is limited compared to other Crain siblings, but when she’s on screen it’s hard to look away.

2. “Once upon a time in Hollywood”

Victoria Pedretti at SiriusXM Studios on January. 06, 2020 | It is deleted / Getty Images

Quentin Tarantino Once upon a time in hollywood was released in 2019, after The Haunting of Hill House. But Pedretti was chosen at the end of the Netflix series, and as she told Collider on October 16, Tarantino didn’t hire her based on her past work because there was nothing yet. to have.

“I think he was very interested in how I looked like the individual,” Pedretti said, referring to his character Leslie “Lulu” Van Houten. “But, you know, I didn’t suck, then.

3. “You”

Shortly after his first Netflix series, Pedretti booked the lead role opposite Penn Badgley in your Season 2. This is after Lifetime ditched it, so it was another Netflix original by the time Pedretti arrived.

She played Love Quinn, the next woman Joe Goldberg is obsessed with. But unlike Beck in Season 1, Love is not the type to be lightly. She is also not easily fooled and neither is she someone who is going to realize Joe’s game too late. Why? Because she looks a lot more like Joe than himself. And it’s interesting that Love is also the twin of a brother who suffers from addiction, like Luke.

“As they explained love to me when I first met with [co-creators] Greg [Berlanti] and Sara [Gamble]I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I want to play the exact same character again,’ ”Pedretti told OprahMag.com in 2019.“ As they kept explaining it, he became clear that these are almost opposite characters. It was a great progression. To be able to explore the same experiences with individuals who react differently. ”

She is returning for Season 3, which will begin production soon.

4. “Amazing stories”

One of Pedretti’s lesser-known series is Amazing stories on AppleTV +. This is another series of anthologies like The haunting, and it’s based on the 1985 show of the same name created by Steven Spielberg. Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who worked on Once upon a time, were the showrunners.

Every episode is different, of course, and Pedretti opened the season with Dylan O’Brien in “The Cellar.” O’Brien’s character is renovating a house and is teleported to 1919. Pedretti plays Evelyn Porter, and the two showrunners me to make her participate in the show.

“We were obsessed with it on Hill House and the benefit of working with Amblin is, “Can you bring that to Victoria?” – and they did, ”Kitsis told TheWrap in March 2020.

“She’s a special talent,” Horowitz said.

5. «Shirley»

Finally is Shirley, an interesting film about the life of Shirley Jackson. Jackson is the actual author of the book which The Haunting of Hill House is pretty much based on. Elisabeth Moss plays Jackson and Pedretti plays a character named Katherine. Even though it came out last summer, Pedretti booked it around the time she was still finishing with The Haunting of Hill House.

“I think it was an odd coincidence,” Pedretti told Collider of two projects that had to do with Shirley Jackson or her work. “This is something I mentioned during my recall. But, yeah, it was just a very strange coincidence.

With these impressive series and films to his credit, and success as a leader on The Haunting of Bly Manor, Pedretti will surely exist much longer.

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