5 Best Moments From MTV Unplugged Presents ‘Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions’


1. Britney Spears’ coverCyrus strutted across her home stage looking like an 80s dream in a flowing zebra print dress, matching gloves, big black and white sunglasses, gold accessories and, of course, her blonde mullet. and a red lip. She kicked off the show with a rock rendition of Spears’ 2007 hit “Gimme More”. The dark twist of the mid-2000s pop song was complemented by Cyrus’ signature grater and southern twang.

2. “These days” by NicoFollowing the courage of “Gimme More”, Cyrus smoothed it out with a light cover of Nico’s 1967 track “These Days”. Surrounded by palm trees with red paper hearts hanging from the leaves and the sunlight shining behind her, the singer kept us going summer by singing, “These days I seem to think about / How all the changes happened in my ways / And I wonder if I would see another freeway. ”

3. Pearl Jam cover

After a quick change of outfit, Cyrus appeared at Golden Hour in a snakeskin robe, large golden hoops, and sparkling green eyes. It perfectly encircled Pearl Jam 2009’s ode of gratitude, “Just Breathe,” a phrase that Cyrus also tattooed on his rib cage.

4. Noah Cyrus joins his sister on stage

Noah, who shared it The end of everything This year’s EP joined Miley for a performance by young Cyrus “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus”. The sisters, both dressed in elegant black leather, swapped harmonies for a truly angelic performance.

5. The closest “Midnight Sky”

Cyrus closed it Backyard sessions with a performance of her recent single “Midnight Sky”. She delivered the powerful melody under glittering disco balls in a chartreuse sequined dress, swaying her hips to the beat for a glamorous end to an enchanting spectacle.


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