49 Finding Freedom details that could only have come from Meghan Markle, says Mail on Sunday


MEGHAN Markle used her friends as “de facto media relations agents” to pass at least 49 personal information “that could only have come from her” to the authors of her gushing biography, it was claimed today.

The Duchess of Sussex is said to have colluded with the writers of Finding Freedom as part of a ‘media strategy to improve or enhance her image’ that began shortly after her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018.

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Editor highlights 49 details in Finding Freedom, says they could only have come from Meghan

Meghan, 39, is suing the Mail on Sunday for printing out excerpts from a letter she sent to her father Thomas, claiming it violated her privacy.

But in new papers filed today, the newspaper claims the Duchess of Sussex has “no reasonable expectation of privacy” as she has secretly shared intimate secrets with Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

He claims Meghan “does not object to details of her personal relationships and correspondence being publicly disclosed, provided they are couched in terms that are favorable and flattering to her.”

The newspaper said Meghan became “increasingly frustrated that the press coverage she received was not to her liking and did not do her justice” and “wanted to take more active steps to promote a positive image of herself ”.

He says: “She began to feel that the British press was acting in one way or another against her, so much so that she believed (and still believes) that there were ‘hundreds of thousands’ of ‘inaccurate articles about him.

“So she decided to bypass or increase the efforts of the Palace communications team and pass information to the media and to the authors herself, using her friends as de facto media relations agents or agents. .

“She and her husband cooperated with the authors to publish their version of events through the book.

“They allowed the authors to observe and interact with them, their friends and associates, and allowed their friends and associates to speak and pass information to the authors.

The newspaper says much of the information in the bestselling book “could come only from Meghan and / or her husband”.

He then lists 49 details in the book that he says must have come directly from Meghan herself, including:

  • A detailed account of her relationship with Prince Harry – including whoever said “I love you” first
  • His feelings towards Kate Middleton
  • His birth plan for Archie
  • Detailed accounts of the vacation she took with Prince Harry

He adds that Finding Freedom contains several photographs originally posted on Harry and Meghan’s Instagram account SussexRoyal.

The newspaper points out that Meghan has previously complained to the media about her use of these images, but not to the authors of Finding Freedom.

He says: “It is inferred that Meghan gave the authors permission to repost these images in the book. “

Sunday post claims Finding Freedom level of detail shows Meghan ‘cooperated’

Sunday’s THE Mail this week won an offer to use Finding Freedom as part of its defense against Meghan Markle’s privacy claim.

Today, the publisher revealed 49 details from the book which they say show the Duchess cooperated with the authors of the biography.

Details include:

  1. Personal correspondence between Meghan and her mother Doria Ragland
  2. Doria’s employment and educational background details
  3. Meghan’s personal conversations with a colleague at a soup kitchen in Los Angeles
  4. Her weekly routine at Northwestern University
  5. How Meghan felt about having to shoot a sex scene when she was a struggling actress in 2008
  6. Her feelings around her relationship with her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, who has never spoken publicly about their marriage
  7. Detailed account of Meghan’s relationship with Cory Vitiello
  8. Details on Meghan and Prince Harry’s first date – including if they kissed and what they drank
  9. Information on their second date at Prince Harry’s home, Nottingham Cottage – including details of the home decor
  10. Who said ‘I love you’ first
  11. Detailed account of their vacation in Botswana in 2016, including where they stayed and their toilet habits
  12. Prince Harry’s relationship with Prince William before and after meeting Meghan
  13. A report on advice Thomas Markle gave Meghan Markle on money management
  14. An account of Prince Harry’s first meeting with Doria
  15. Text messages Meghan sent to her friend Jessica Mulroney
  16. Details of Prince Harry’s conversations with Thomas Markle
  17. What happened when Meghan met Prince William along with a description of Prince William’s house
  18. Meghan’s feelings about discovering a love scene she had starred in uploaded to Pornhub
  19. Advice from the Palace communications team and Meghan’s reaction
  20. Prince Harry’s daily routine over Christmas in 2017
  21. Meghan’s relationship with Kate Middleton and what she thought of the Duchess
  22. Prince Harry’s feeling of being photographed at a wedding in Jamaica in 2017
  23. Details on the wedding reception of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews
  24. Details of their vacation in Turkey and Botswana in 2017 – including who hosted them and what they ate
  25. Information on a conversation between Prince William and Prince Harry about the Duke of Cambridge’s feelings about Meghan Markle and the impact on their relationship
  26. Meghan’s feelings about Harry’s proposal
  27. How Meghan felt about moving from Toronto to London
  28. How Meghan felt after meeting the Queen for the first time in October 2017
  29. Meghan’s communications with her mother after moving to London
  30. Details on Christmas celebrations in 2017, including what Meghan thought of the brooch Princess Michael of Kent wore
  31. Meghan’s feelings about friend Ninaki Priddy speaking to the press about her
  32. Meghan’s Faith and Private Conversation with Justin Wlby, Archbishop of Canterbury
  33. What Prince Harry said to his father and Meghan Markle at the altar just before the wedding ceremony
  34. Detailed account of the speeches at the couple’s wedding with what was on the menu
  35. Details of the couple’s visit to Lake Como to spend time with George and Amal Clooney
  36. Information on a private meeting between Meghan, Harry and the Queen to choose the Duchess’s wedding tiara
  37. An account of a disagreement between Prince Harry and one of the Queen’s assistants, Angela Kelly
  38. Details on the separation of Prince Harry and Prince William
  39. Details on Meghan Markle’s baby shower and the palace’s reaction
  40. Meghan’s birth plan
  41. Prince Harry and Meghan’s private correspondence to friends after Archie’s birth
  42. Details of gifts after Achie’s birth
  43. Childcare arrangements for Prince William and Kate Middleton
  44. Meghan’s work on SussexRoyal’s Instagram account
  45. Meghan and Harry’s feelings about the Palace communications team
  46. Meghan and Harry’s living conditions in Canada in 2019
  47. Sandringham summit details
  48. How Prince Harry felt the separation from the royal family
  49. Meghan’s feelings about her last engagement as a royal at Westminster Abbey

Earlier this week, the Mail on Sunday won an offer to use Finding Freedom as part of its defense against Meghan’s privacy claim.

Meghan strongly denies any collaboration with the authors or any other media.

Last week, her attorney even described the Finding Freedom stories as “extremely trivial, the product of creative licensing and / or inaccurate” in an attempt to keep him away from her.

The case continues.

Mail on Sunday editors claimed Meghan collaborated with Finding Freedom, claiming the book discussed her feelings about Kate and William


Mail on Sunday editors claimed Meghan had collaborated with Finding Freedom, saying the book discussed her feelings about Kate and WilliamCredit: Alamy
Details of Meghan's meeting with the Queen were also revealed in the biography


Details of Meghan’s meeting with the Queen were also revealed in the biographyCrédits: Getty Images – Getty
Meghan and Harry left the royal family and moved to the United States


Meghan and Harry left the royal family and moved to the United StatesCredit: Getty – Pool
Finding Freedom shared a number of intimate details about Meghan and Harry's life


Finding Freedom has shared a number of intimate details about Meghan and Harry’s lifeCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not been supported by the royal family and leaks about them have come from inside Buckingham Palace, says Finding Freedom author


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