4 WWE SmackDown Ups & 5 Downs (October 9)



WWE deserves a little patience to see if they can make the second night of the 2020 Draft a little more special, but the SmackDown first leg didn’t do much to inspire hope. There was something totally disappointing about all of this. At least they didn’t repeat last year’s “War Room” thing involving bogus US leaders and FOX, did they?

Little mercies matter.

Usually, the company shot itself in the foot before it even got hold of the project. Then, still in shock with the pain, they aimed at the other limb before stopping and realizing that they would probably destroy the goal of their next jerk altogether if they pulled the trigger again.

Anyone looking for positives among all this agonizing monotony would have found it in the form of a surprisingly fun “Falls Count Anywhere” first game. Those same folks might also appreciate that WWE added new stips to Hell In A Cell and refused to give a big time saver before this pay-per-view.

Here are all the “Ups” and “Downs” of another week of giggles from the blue brand at the ThunderDome…


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