2020 US election at the latest: Republicans approve Trump’s Supreme Court vote ahead of debate


The president is advised to use a softer touch this time around, after her belligerent demeanor in the first debate hurt him with suburban women, a key demographic in the vote. His advisers say allowing an opponent not always known for his way of speaking without interruption could help his cause.

The debate committee’s decision to mute the other candidate’s microphone during the initial two-minute response period could also help impose some discipline on Trump and pressure Biden to provide the type of answers. clear and broad to the policy issues he avoided in the last debate. .

Anytime Biden goes into more detail about his positions, it risks angering various parts of his electoral coalition, made up of factions – left-wing progressives, blue-collar workers, moderate Democrats, and disgruntled Republicans – who have very different hopes for a Biden. presidency.

Trump may very well decide he has to go on the attack again, of course – or, in the heat of the moment, abandon his planned strategy. Biden showed anger two weeks ago, but mostly kept his cool and avoided serious pitfalls. In the final decisive stage of a long presidential campaign, he could be tested once again.


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