2020 NHL Draft: Toronto Maple Leafs select Ryan Tverberg in 213th overall


So, just as we at PPP were about to pack it up and open the strong liquor, we got a surprise:

With that pick, the Toronto Maple Leafs picked Ryan Tverberg out of the OJHL. More information on him to come as we find out who he is.


So there’s not much about a guy who played in the OJHL last year and was drafted at the end of Round 7, as you would expect. He played for Team Canada at WJAC 2019 and was increasingly used later in the gold medal game, playing a physical role.

He’s a 5’11 ”, 174-pound center who played for the Etobicoke Bulldogs where he tallied 51 points in 47 games, which was good for the 37th overall in the league. He was born and raised in Toronto, making him a local kid. The only other note I can find on him is that he’s been labeled a physical immature, who’s ready to physically engage but gets puckered a bit. So adding muscle will help his game.

He’s committed to playing Harvard for the 2021/22 season, and given the Leafs’ connection with Abruzzo (2019 pick) and Fusco (2020 pick) who are also Harvard guys, I guess the Leafs have a thing for school.

From Scott Wheeler to Athletic:

Unless you have massive numbers in a league like OJHL, your chances in the NHL are probably pretty slim. Because Tverberg didn’t do that, I couldn’t justify placing him in my top 100. He finished the season with 51 points in 47 games, good for 1.09 points per game (sixth in the OJHL at under 18). But every time I looked at him, his skill and skating always jumped up and made me believe he was more than his numbers.

I thought he was one of the best players on the ice at the CWHL Top Prospects game and he was always impressive when I saw him play for the Junior Canadians. If I had to bet, I wouldn’t bet on his selection. He’s a long way from progressing to the NHL. But he’s quick and can bite defenders with a false shoulder at top speed.

He can cut them inside out or cut them with a scythe exterior. He has good hands and when he is able to score he can finish in different ways. Despite his size, he also plays in the middle of the ice, adjusting his speed to dictate the tempo. If he’s not chosen, teams need to make sure they keep an eye on him at Harvard as I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out of a four-year college career worthy of a professional contract.

Here is a short quote from his trainer:

Ryan is playing with elite level speed and power… He has the ability to score goals, getting 26 for us in 2019-20. … Offensively, he was above one player point per game. … His priority is to bring the puck to the net with force. Ryan plays with a high level of competition in tight spaces. … He’s a very defensive player and extremely good in transition, both ways.

You can see a bit of that ‘take it to the net with a force’ in one of the highlights below.

Some other quotes about him:



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