2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e R-Dynamic UK Review


Land Rover’s bizarre decision, in the midst of the lockdown pandemic, to unveil plug-in hybrid versions of its Evoque and Discovery Sport suddenly sounds like a rare insight.Its chief marketing officer said that by arriving early, the company now has around 2,000 orders for Evoque and Sport PHEV and intends to start delivering them before the end of the year.

The model tested here, the Discovery Sport P300e R-Dynamic AWD, is a much more different Sport than it looks on the outside. Together with its plug-in brother Evoque, it is the first model to use the new Jaguar Land Rover 1.5-liter Ingenium 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine (a modular relationship between the famous four and the recently launched inline six). Its electrification equipment consists of both an integrated starter-generator (ISG) to recover braking and overtaking energy and an electrified rear axle powered by a 107 hp electric motor with its own battery at the lithium-ion, which can propel the vehicle up to 84 mph, but not for long at that speed.

JLR lists the Sport PHEV’s maximum power at 305 hp, with 398 lb-ft of torque, and the performance numbers certainly promise something special – acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in just 6.6 seconds, with a top speed of peak of 130 mph.

To power the rear axle, a 15 kWh battery pack is packed under the seat so it doesn’t encroach on the standard trunk or rear seat space and it’s supposed to offer up to 43 miles of range on a full charge. . In addition to increasing efficiency, the electric rear axle gives the P300e four-wheel drive without any mechanical connection to the front powertrain.

As with most plug-in hybrids, the official fuel consumption figures are staggering: 175.5 mpg on the WLTP cycle and only 32 g / km of CO2. No wonder its company car tax rate is only 6%. This figure is the basis of JLR’s confident expectation, already justified by all these orders, that the Sport PHEV will sell itself.


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