18 Toronto flights confirmed COVID-19 cases in nearly two weeks


The Canadian government has identified more cases of the coronavirus on international and domestic flights from Toronto as of October 2.According to the Government of Canada, an Air Canada flight AC849 from London to Toronto on October 2 identified the affected rows as 20 to 23 on the flight.

The next day, another Air Canada flight, the AC873 from Frankfurt to Toronto on October 3, identified lines 20 to 26.

On October 4, an Air Canada flight AC91 from Sao Paulo to Toronto also identified rows 15 to 22 as being affected.

On October 5, a British Airways BA99 flight from London to Toronto identified the affected lines 19 to 25.

Two flights on October 6 also identified affected rows carrying the virus.

Delta flight DL 5019 from Detroit to Toronto also identified affected lines 2 to 8.

An Air Canada flight AC42 from Toronto to New Delhi also identified affected rows, but the exact seats are still unknown as of the October 13 update.

Government of Canada

The government has also identified several domestic flights to and from Toronto with cases of COVID-19.

Air Canada flight AC7474 from Toronto to Quebec City identified lines 12 to 15 on October 5.

A WestJet flight WS658 from Calgary to Toronto also identified routes on the same day; however, they are still unknown.

On October 5, an Air Canada flight AC138 from Calgary to Toronto also identified lines 16 to 20.

The next day, Air Canada flight AC179 also identified lines on an October 6 flight from Toronto to Edmonton. They identified lines 29 to 35.

Four other flights were identified as having carried confirmed cases of COVID-19 on October 7.

A WestJet flight WS431 from Toronto to Edmonton identified multiple rows, 19-22 and 19-25.

Air Canada flight AC7460 from Toronto to Charlottetown identified the affected lines 13 to 21.

Another Air Canada flight AC158 from Calgary to Toronto also identified lines 22 to 23.

On other Air Canada AC690 flights from Toronto to St. John’s, rows 1 to 3 are also identified.

The next day, a flight from Edmonton to Toronto with Air Canada AC166 also identified rows 24 to 30 affected on October 8.

Two WestJet flights also identified several lines affected on October 10.

Flight number WS431 from Toronto to Edmonton, identified lines 8 to 14 and flight number WS3513 from Montreal to Toronto, identified lines 9 to 15 affected.


Government of Canada


Government of Canada

“If you have recently returned to Canada, you must quarantine yourself for 14 days from the date of your arrival in Canada. It’s mandatory whether or not you have symptoms, ”the government website read.

For up-to-date information or to see if your flight has been affected, visit the Government of Canada website.


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