14 coronavirus patients died in Anglia-area hospitals in three days | Anglia


The NHS says 14 patients died with Covid-19 at hospitals in the Anglia area between Tuesday and Thursday this week.

There were seven patient deaths on October 7, the highest number in a single day in the region since July 14.

Patients died in the following hospitals and NHS Trusts:

  • Five dead at West Hertfordshire NHS Trust

  • Two dead at Basildon Essex Hospital

  • Two dead at NW Anglia NHS Trust which operates Peterborough Hinchingbrooke Hospital and Hospital in Huntingdon

  • Two deaths at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow

  • Death at James Paget Hospital in Gorleston, Norfolk

  • One dead at Kettering Northamptonshire General Hospital

  • A death at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Lynn du roi, Norfolk

The map shows the number of people who have died from the coronavirus in each county in the Anglia region. Credit: NHS, Office of National Statistics, and CQC data

Each day, the NHS reports the number of patients who have died from the coronavirus, although the deaths can have occurred at any time during the preceding days.

Five deaths were reported in the Anglia area on Saturday and six were reported on Friday.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in February, 6,158 people have died in the Anglia region. The total includes those who had the disease confirmed by a positive test and those who had Covid-19 mentioned on their death certificate.


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