10 Worst WWE Smackdown Main Events Of All Time


As much as we all love to remember the ‘Smackdown Six’, the truth is that the Blue Series has spent much of its history as a hotbed for the giants of the wrestling world, which means heavy matches and feuds. major events that have all the life and energy of Blackadder’s asthmatic ant. It wasn’t all Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio; he has often been The Great Khali and Big Show.There have been some serious main events in Smackdown’s 21 year history, but some are so bad they stick in the memory as bad smelling, terribly terrible matches that still keep older fans awake at night. . It might be a bit loud, but many readers may not be old enough to have experienced a Great Khali world title reign or the very existence of Heidenreich.

Some were miserable in the ring, others saw bad matches accentuated by disastrous post-show angles. Some were lofty ambitions gone wrong, while others had just too much dog food involved for this writer’s liking. Smackdown has been consistent in producing Bad Main Events, but what do you expect from a show dominated by Undertaker, Big Show, Mark Henry, and King Corbin?


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