Your next Virgin Media bill could be a shock, but not the way you think


Each year, Virgin Media customers are hit by an increase in the prices of their monthly bills in October. Over the last year the monthly cost has increased by around £ 4 per month which is not insignificant for the same service. But while Virgin Media customers are used to being shocked when they tear up their bills in October… this year has promised to be a little different.

There will probably still be a shock when customers open their letters, even if they are good. Indeed, Virgin Media has confirmed that its customers will not experience any increase in their bills this year.Virgin Media announced the price update in July with an email to customers that said, “Let’s go: after the last four months and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, there is no more status. quo. This is why we are not increasing your price this year as we normally would.

“This means that the price you currently pay for your current plan will remain the same for the rest of 2020. There are no captures and you don’t have to do anything. Until then, we will continue to invest in our network and do all we can to make sure you stay connected. ”

It’s unclear when prices will rise or if this freeze will stay in place until October 2021, but that means nothing will change until the New Year rings, which weighs on the minds of many customers.

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That’s 34 times faster than the current UK average and would download a Full HD movie in just 17 seconds. Virgin already offers speeds of 1 Gbps and this new 2 Gbps option is currently only a test but it could show what the company could launch in the future.

Speaking about the new speeds, Jeanie York, Chief Technology and Information Officer of Virgin Media, said: “We invest over £ 1 billion in our network each year and this innovative test demonstrates how the cable network to Virgin Media’s existing test of time may provide lightning. Fast, multi-gigabit broadband speeds. We are ready to meet the connectivity needs of our customers for everything that follows.

“We are leading the way to make the UK faster and we are on track to roll out gigabit broadband speeds to our network by the end of next year. With this next-generation connectivity, our customers can enjoy the best of their broadband – whether it’s 8K gaming, instant streaming, high-quality video calls, or instant file downloads. – all in the same house at the same time. “


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