You are more likely to win the lottery than to escape Covid, warns expert


Mthe embers of the public should not denounce their neighbors for breaking the “rule of six” unless they have big parties, the prime minister said.Any social gathering of more than six people in England is against the law, with people facing fines of up to £ 3,200 if they fail to comply with the new measure, which applies to indoor and outdoor environments.

Boris Johnson urged people to speak with rule breakers before notifying authorities.

“I have never been much for the underhand culture, myself,” he said.

“What people should do in the first place is obviously if they are concerned, is to raise it with their friends and neighbors.

“But I think what it’s reasonable for anyone to do is think that their neighbors’ activities pose a serious threat to public health – if there’s some big sort of Animal House party, like I’m sure hot tubs and so on, and there’s a serious threat to public health so it’s reasonable for the authorities to know. “


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