WWE reportedly scheduled Big Survivor Series Main Event with RETRIBUTION


WWE is planning a big RAW-branded main event for the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view.According to PWInsider, WWE officials were planning a big traditional survivor streak elimination match between members of RETRIBUTION and members of the main roster.

As noted on this link, last night’s RAW saw the top 5 RETRIBUTION members receiving contracts from WWE. Dominik Dijakovic is now known as T-BAR, Dio Maddin goes through Mace and Slapjack is said to be Shane Thorne. Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez have also been revealed as core members of the group, but it’s not yet clear what their ring names will be.

WWE recently changed the plans for the RETRIBUTION program and made it a RAW-only storyline, but it’s unclear whether SmackDown could loan Team WWE a few Superstars to Survivor Series. Last night’s RAW main event featured The Hurt Business against T-BAR, Slapjack and Mace, but WWE Champion Drew McIntyre led a group of RAW Superstars into the ring to help fight several of the unidentified members. lower level RETRIBUTION.

The WWE Survivor Series 2020 pay-per-view is currently scheduled for November 22. The location is still on hold as WWE is reportedly working on the site plans for their residency at the Amway Center expiration date in late October.

Stay tuned for updates on the RETRIBUTION storyline and plans for the Survivor series.


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