Wow, Trump didn’t know the dollar was floating


When you’re so dumb thinking you’re the smartest guy in the room, you end up saying and doing a lot of really dumb things.

Some Trump classics that I remember:

No one knew health care would be so complicated!

Can’t we just bomb the hurricane?

A friend of mine told me; Who knew there were so many countries?

Can’t we just inject the bleach and do a cleanse inside the lungs? Or use UV light indoors to kill the virus? Can we look at this?

Trump on national television proudly claiming how he “passed” a cognitive test as if it were an intelligence test! In reality, it is a test that is designed to be so simple, that only those with severe cognitive impairment (think Alzheimer’s disease) would have difficulty.

Use a sharpie to redraw a hurricane trail to prove it was heading where it said it was.

Suggesting that countries like Finland rake their forests. And the United States should too.

He openly admitted that he thought Finland was part of Russia.

He said Belgium was a beautiful city.

During his meeting with the leaders of the Baltic countries, he presented them as the Balkans.

While discussing the construction of the wall on the Mexican border, he spoke about the section bordering the Colorado!

Recently Trump claimed we would be done with the virus once we hit the herd mentality!

I could go on because there are so many more, but you see the picture. One has to wonder why so many people outside of the United States think he is a clown?


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