Woman refuses to wear mask and asks to leave Kelowna LUSH


KELOWNA (NEWS 1130) – A tense exchange filmed at a Kelowna mall shows a woman arguing with staff at a LUSH Cosmetics store after telling them she had to leave because she was not wearing a mask.The confrontation at Orchard Park Mall was filmed and posted to social media by the woman and comes at a time when the number of COVID-19 in British Columbia is still high.

The woman refused to wear a mask when she entered the store, then said staff and security violated her human rights by not allowing her to navigate.

The woman can be heard in the video talking to a masked security guard.

“Explain to me how my human rights, with my state of health, I cannot walk in a store when it is quite normal for me to walk in a store.”

When asked to provide a medical note, the woman said she didn’t need it and instead said she could show her her “puff”, before saying it wasn’t there. case of the security guard.

While there is no provincial mandate on masks, they are encouraged to slow the spread of COVID-19.

But it’s a policy for the store and has been since mid-July.

A spokesperson for LUSH told NEWS 1130 they support the manner in which the staff handled the situation calmly and compassionately, and remain committed to ensuring that the policy is followed.

“The health and safety of our staff and our community remains the top priority as we continue to navigate these difficult times together.

The camera then pans lightly to show three members of staff, also masked, and the woman accuses them of harassment.

“All I do is watch LUSH,” she said.

The staff suggest that the woman shop online instead, but she refuses, saying, “I want to browse here in the store.”

After several requests, the security guard says they may have to call the police if the woman doesn’t leave. He reminds her that it is private property and that he has been told to go.

Once the woman receives the head office number, she turns to leave.


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