Woman denies attempted kidnapping of Joe Montana’s grandchild


LOS ANGELES (AP) – A 39-year-old woman was indicted on Tuesday for what authorities say was an attempted kidnapping of Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana’s 9-month-old granddaughter from her southern home from California.

Sodsai Predpring Dalzell of Los Angeles pleaded not guilty in LA County Court to the felony of attempted kidnapping of a child under 14 and burglary.

“Miss Dalzell is extremely sorry and is very concerned for the welfare of the family,” Dalzell’s attorney Ayinde Jones said outside the court. “She understands the hurt this has caused to family, friends and fans of the Montana family. So our hearts go out to them. “

The 64-year-old Montana told sheriff’s deputies the girl was sleeping in a playpen at her Malibu home on Saturday when a woman he didn’t know walked in and picked up the child.

Montana and his wife, Jennifer, confronted her, tried to defuse the situation and demanded that she return the baby, authorities said.

After a brief struggle, Jennifer Montana pushed the girl away and Dalzell fled the house, authorities said. She was later arrested nearby.

No one was hurt.

Jones said he plans to present a credible defense, “focused on ensuring Miss Dalzell gets the help she might need.” “

The lawyer said he had “no hindsight, no idea yet as to why she did what she did, only that she was very apologetic. She told me over and over again that she understood the harm she had caused. As a parent myself, I can only imagine the pain this caused the Montana family.

Dalzell’s bail was set at $ 200,000 and he was told to return to court on October 20. She could get eight years in prison if found guilty. She has no criminal record.

“Scary situation, but thankful that everyone is doing well,” the former San Francisco 49ers star tweeted on Sunday.

Montana played 13 years of his 15-year career with the 49ers, who won four Super Bowls with him as a starting quarterback. He retired in 1994 after two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He and Jennifer Montana, philanthropist and former model, have been married since 1985 and have four grown children. It is not known which of the children is the parent of the girl.


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