Wolff spoke to Horner about comments Mercedes favored Hamilton


Hamilton currently leads the F1 Drivers’ Championship with a 47 point lead over Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, with Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas 50 points off the lead.Hamilton would equal Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of seven F1 titles if he can win the championship this year. He would also break Schumacher’s record for most titles won with a single team, as it would be his sixth for Mercedes.

Red Bull team principal Horner said in Italy on Friday that it was “obvious that Mercedes favors Lewis”, citing his calls for strategy and the position of his cars.

“Why wouldn’t they put Bottas in two stops, for example at Spa?” Horner said.

“It would have given him the opportunity to win the race.

“The problem is obviously that everything is geared towards Lewis this year on his record campaign or record equalizer.

“The reality for Valtteri is that unless he qualifies first, he doesn’t stand a chance.”

Asked about Horner’s comments on Saturday after qualifying at Monza, Wolff revealed he spoke to Red Bull’s F1 chief to clarify Mercedes’ position by giving his drivers equal treatment.

“I told him about it,” Wolff revealed.

“He said, ‘Why didn’t you match Valtteri for the second stop?’ I said if we had known that a two stop stop was faster we would have pitted Lewis as well.

“Looking back, the two saves is the best strategy, but we didn’t want to lose our position against Max as it wasn’t clear if we were going to beat Max on the track.

“I said why didn’t you match Max for a second stop?” You could have beaten us. He said: “Well, we weren’t sure we could overtake Ricciardo”.

“Well hello? Here we go! It is exactly the same situation.

“There is nothing like giving priority to one driver over the other. We have always played it in a totally open, transparent and fair way. This is how we will continue.

Mercedes has always insisted on parity between its two drivers, although methods such as alternation give Hamilton and Bottas the choice of being the first car to qualify in the races.

Wolff said after the Belgian Grand Prix that there was “no rule in place between the two drivers” and that they are “allowed and free to race”.

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